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Mobile roof supports Fletcher Model MRS

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  • Reduction in injuries from hauling, lifting and setting
  • Decreased exposure to roof and rib falls
  • Fewer personnel required in work area
  • Caving is more regular and more predictable, reducing the hazards associated with unexpected goaf falls
  • Higher recovery of pillar
  • The safest and most productive pillar extraction method

As the need for productive mining alternatives increases, the number of mining operations using Mobile Roof Supports for retreat mining is growing. The mining industry is seeing that, when properly used, Mobile Roof Supports can allow the economic recovery of reserves with a higher degree of safety and improved productivity.

Roof support assembly

  • Rugged design made from high strength alloy steel
  • Sloped edges to minimize lateral stress and to allow support to tram clear through loose roof material
  • Available with tilting lemniscate and roof support assembly for uneven seam conditions in 4.5m and above seams
  • +/- 15 degree side to side roof support assembly movement to match roof horizon
  • +/- 25 degree front to rear operator controlled support plate tilt
    Heavy gauge chain curtain and optional belt lacing to protect internal components

Load monitoring

  • Provides a visual indication of current machine loading as well as changes in loading
  • Alerts the miner operator to load changes that may require immediate action on his part
  • Customer-set pressure levels for customer’s specific roof conditions


  • Rugged plow design encloses cable reel, electrical and hydraulic controls for accessibility and protection
  • Plow configuration allows loose floor material to be handled in the normal pillaring cycle without interrupting production
  • Plow can move above frame underclearance and below ground level. Powerful enough to raise MRS from the floor

Crawler frame

  • Well balanced, maneuverable .4m (16 in) crawler pads
  • Fully load bearing, constructed to transmit support load to mine floor
  • Powerful crawler drive system provides superior tramming capabilities in adverse conditions and a high degree of maneuverability
  • Automatic speed and torque control built into the tram system

Hydraulic system and support cylinders

  • Variable displacement, 170 lpm (45 gpm) at 1800 rpm piston pump
  • Pilot operated hydraulic valves via solenoids make up a simple control system
  • All cylinders constructed with high pressure, wear resistant seals and wipers
  • 600 ton (544 tonnes) and 800 ton (726 tonnes) load capabilities available

Remote control

  • Radio remote
  • Transmitter is small, lightweight, and easy to handle with pressure sensitive sealed membrane touch pad controls
  • Fire suppression system can be actuated by radio remote.
  • Transmitter powered by 9v battery
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