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Mobile bolters Joy Multibolter

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  • Four models available, handling 2.0 to 5.4 m nominal operating ranges
  • Configurable number of drill units (2 roof/1 rib or 4 roof/2 rib)
  • Semi-automatic two-speed, two-handed drilling operations
  • Platform based, with large deck area
  • Wet- or dry-drill versions available

The Joy Multibolter is an innovative addition to the Joy bolting product range. It is a multiple drill-head, platform-based, mobile bolter designed primarily for “place change” continuous miner applications. In addition, the outer roof bolters on the 3045 model can be rotated over to provide rib bolting.

The functional and ergonomic design, based on an operator-controlled adjustable-height platform, reduces costs and increases working space. The elimination of swinging booms and other moving parts reduces repair costs, enhances operator safety, and extends the unit’s operating life.

With its unique scissor lift arrangement, the Multibolter 3045 model handles a wide range of bolting heights. Platform extensions allow for a wide range of operating widths and also enable rib bolting. Also, the entire operator platform and guard rails extend sideways to fully reach the roadway edges. The Multibolter comes in four models, handling a wide range of seam heights.

Designed for maximum bolting versatility

  • Semi-automatic bolting for installing multiple bolts in a parallel operation, reducing cycle times
  • Operator-controlled platform level adjustments for varying localized seam conditions
  • Extendable side platforms for full-width bolting (3045 model)
  • Roll-over capabilities for outer bolters for a range of rib-bolting options
  • Wet- or dry-drill versions (with vacuum dust collection system)
  • Customizable number of platform-mounted drill units (2 roof/1 rib or 4 roof/2 rib)
  • for matching the designed bolting patterns for the prevailing mine conditions
Nominal operating range2.0 to 3.6 m2.3 to 3.7 m3.0 to 4.5 m3.5 to 6.4 m
Length (typical)7,510 mm6,680 mm5,982 mm6,400 mm
Width (typical):    
Retracted3,200 mm3,400 mm4,000 mm4,000 mm
Extended 4,550 mm4,900 mm6,800 mm6,800 mm
Closed height (typical)2,100 mm2,400 mm2,550 mm3,050 mm
Machine weight28,000 kg34,000 kg35,000 kg46,500 kg
Ground pressure (typical)140 kPa150 kPa170 kPa200 kPa
Hydraulic motor112 kW112 kW112 kW125 kW
Voltage 50 Hz1140V / 1050V1140V / 1050V 1140V / 1050V1140V / 1050 V
Traction speed0 to 20 m/min0 to 20 m/min0 to 25 m/min0 to 20 m/min
Auto temporary roof2 point2 point2 point2 point
Support (ATRS)6 to 170 kN6 to 170 kN6 to 170 kN6 to 170 kN
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