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Hydraulic roof bolters Joy Smart Bolter

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  • ndividually controlled functions from a push-button remote
  • Automatic drilling and bolting cycles
  • Adaptive drilling functionality, tied to roof conditions
  • Anti-stall functionality
  • Two-handed remote operation helps increase operator safety

The Smart Bolter (electro-hydraulic roofbolter) features individually controlled functions from a push-button remote. The Smart Bolter is only available on the Joy 12ED25 entry driver.

The Smart Bolter can be easily programmed to perform controlled automatic cycles:

  • Automatic drilling cycle: operator-initiated once the rig is positioned
  • Automatic bolting cycle: operator-initiated after the drill cycle is complete and the chemical is inserted. The cycle inserts the bolt and torques up to the nut (to pre-defined limits), mixes the chemical, waits for the set time, and then tightens the nut

Advanced functions available

The Smart Bolter also includes several key advanced functions:

  • Adaptive drilling function: the drill feed speed is adapted to the roof conditions (hard or soft materials)
  • Anti-stall function: when the drill speed slows, the feed thrust also reduces
  • Drill steel bending prevention: the feed pressure is monitored depending on the drill steel type and the depth of collaring into the drill hole
  • Water blockage prevention: the water flow is monitored and the feed rate is slowed if the water flow slows

Electronic control advantages

The Smart Bolter’s electronic controls provide numerous advantages:

  • Parameter setup: various parameters, such as chemical set time, can be set through the interactive display screen
  • Diagnostic and monitoring features: many diagnostic and monitoring features are included, such as the “fault and transactions” log or drill feed travel checks that ensure the drill and bolt reach full stroke

Operator safety and comfort

  • Auto home position positions the drill chuck for easy access for the operator to install drill steel and bolts
  • Control console can be placed in an ergonomic position to suit the operator
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