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Coal bolters Fletcher Model RRII

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  • Automated Temporary Roof Support (ATRS)
  • Automatic disc brakes
  • Four-wheel tractor steering
  • Cable reel
  • Stop/start switches
  • Approved dust collection system
  • Front and Rear chassis lift
  • Fire suppression system
  • MSHA approved drill and tram canopies (swing out extension)

Fletcher Model RRII combines dual-head versatility with improved safety features in
one roof bolter. RRII’s rugged ATRS may eliminate the need to set temporary posts
and jacks. Its wide swinging, offset booms can drill nearer to the rib. In addition,
because it allows more canopy coverage and a wider exitway toward the rear of the
machine, it reduces miner exposure. Roof Ranger II designs are available for low to high
seam applications.

  • .88 m to 2.43 m operating height
  • .63 m or 1.14 m chassis height
  • Offset booms allow bolting within .38 m of rib, wider egress toward rear of machine,
    and maximum canopy coverage
  • Drills up to a 5.5 m straight row from one chassis position
  • Front and rear chassis lift for easier tramming over a rolling bottom
  • Independent power system for each boom


Joy is the exclusive distributor and authorized service provider for J.H. Fletcher & Co. products worldwide, with the following country exceptions:

Not a distributor or authorized service provider

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Norway

Non-exclusive distributor and authorized service provider

  • Poland 
  • Latin America

General specifications

  • Electrical system: Dual 37kW motors with quick change motor mounts, horizontal axis cable reel; Start and stop at drill and tram controls; Lights.
  • Dust collection system: Internal through drill steel; blower: 62 cfm rotary lobe type;
    vacuum at drillhead: 304 mm-381 mm Hg; Fletcher dust tanks; auto dump pre-cleaners; dust collection bags.
  • Hydraulic system: maximum working pressure: 3500 psi; tank capacity – 390 liter;
    filtration: (4) magnetic in-tank, (2) high pressure, hand operated fill pump with screened intake; hose fittings: JIC and SAE; dual Commercial P350/315 pump.
  • Drive system: four wheel chain type; tractor steering; tram speed: 0-2.4 km/h; tram
    motors: Staffa B80 series with high flow motion control valves; brakes: automatic spring set/hydraulic release disc; tires: foam filled; front and rear lift.
  • Safety system: L type TRS; driller canopies; tram deck canopy.
  • Drilling system: offset style booms
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