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Coal bolters Fletcher Model HDDR

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  • 90º mast tilt with hydraulic drill guides
  • Independently elevating booms
  • Automatic disc brakes
  • Automated Temporary Roof Support (ATRS)
  • Four-wheel drive/crawler drive
  • Cable reel
  • Strip switch panic bars
  • Deep chuck drillheads
  • Illumination
  • Dust collection system or wet drilling system
  • Fire suppression
  • Foam-filled tires
  • fore-aft mast tilt

The Fletcher Model HDDR brings greater flexibility than ever to your high seam operation. Heavy-duty boom swing from 4′ to 20′ allows several bolt installations from a single chassis position. Booms allow operators to drill over rubble, near ribs and over loose bottom areas. The bolting pattern is established relative to the roof, not the floor.

Standard 90º mast tilt allows angle and rib drilling. The Fletcher ATRS (Automated Temporary Roof Support) eliminates the need for temporary posts and jacks in most applications.

  • Walk-thru chassis reduces miner exposure to rib hazards
  • Operates in seam heights of 6′ to 17′ (custom heights available)
  • Dual heads install a full row of bolts from a single chassis position
  • High-strength elevating booms drill without direct support from floor below

The mechanized mesh rack and mat rack, as well as winch on material pods, facilitate loading, storing and operator access to the supplies. The mesh is delivered to the rear of the machine where the bolter operator winches the shift’s supply of mesh into place using the radio control. the materials pods are vendor-loaded above ground and delivered to the rear of the machine. The operator uses the radio control to winch that day’s supply of consumable materials onto the bolter. The empty pods are then offloaded and returned to the outside to be reloaded.


Joy is the exclusive distributor and authorized service provider for J.H. Fletcher & Co. products worldwide, with the following country exceptions:

Not a distributor or authorized service provider

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Norway

Non-exclusive distributor and authorized service provider

  • Poland 
  • Latin America

Electrical system

  • Dual 50 HP AC motors
  • Horizontal access cable reel
  • Strip-type panic bars with start switches at all control stations

Dust collection

  • Vacuum system for hollow-shaft drill steels
  • Blower
  • Rotary lobe type: 62 cfm
  • Vacuum at drillhead: 12″ Hg, separate system for each drill unit

Hydraulic system

  • Maximum working pressure: 2500 psi
  • Reservoir capacity 180 to 200 US gallons
  • Filtration: magnetic in-tank, Pall high pressure
  • Hand-operated fill pump with screened intake
  • JIC hose fittings
  • Dual pumps

Drive system

  • 4-wheel chain drive
  • Tractor-type steering
  • Turns within length
  • Staffa tram motors with motion control valves
  • Automatic spring set, hydraulic release disc brakes
  • Tram speed: 0-1.5 mph
  • Foam-filled tires

Drilling system

  • Linear sumping booms
  • Telescoping mast feed
  • Thrust: 0-7000 lbs (optional 10,000 lbs)
  • Feed length: 70″ to 90″ depending on mast size
  • Torque: 0-300 ft. lbs
  • Drill rotation speeds: 0-560 rpm
  • Feed rate: 0-36 fpm
  • Boom extend up to 24″
  • Minimum drillhead separation: 4″
  • Maximum drillhead separation: 20″
  • Adjustable bolt torquing valve
  • Two stabilizers jacks on front of chassis
 Boom swing 10′ either side of center 3048 mm
 Boom sump Up to 24″ 610 mm
 Boom lift Up to 60″ 1524 mm
 Overall length 24’6″ to 27′ 7468 mm to 8230 mm
 Overall width 8’6″ to 11′ 2591 mm to 3353 mm
 Chassis height 3’6″ to 6′ 1067 mm to 1828 mm
 Ground clearance 10″ to 15″ 254 mm to 381 mm
 Weight Avg. 60,000 lbs. 27,216 kg
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