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Coal bolters Fletcher Model DDR

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  • Automatic disc brakes
  • Fletcher dust tanks
  • Four-wheel drive
  • High-pressure filters
  • JIC hose fittings
  • Front lift
  • Adjustable bolt torquing and thrust control
  • Cable reel
  • Tram compartment canopy

With the Fletcher Model DDR Walk-Thru, you get dual head, angle or vertical drilling in lower seams than ever. The Model DDR offers a maximum straight line boom swing of 5.4 m to accomodate a four-bolt pattern on 1.2 m centers. The masts tilt 45 degrees for truss installations, 90 degrees for tramming.

  • 0.9 m chassis height, dual-head machine with angle drilling capability
  • A truss and rib bolter than can also be used as a production bolter
  • Walk-through chassis design eliminates the need for the operator to walk between the machine and the rib


Joy is the exclusive distributor and authorized service provider for J.H. Fletcher & Co. products worldwide, with the following country exceptions:

Not a distributor or authorized service provider

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Norway

Non-exclusive distributor and authorized service provider

  • Poland 
  • Latin America

Electrical system

  • Dual 37 kW motors
  • Horizontal axis cable reel
  • Lights

Dust collection

  • Internal through drill steel
  • Blower: 62 cfm rotary lobe type
  • Vacuum at drillhead: 12″-15″ Hg
  • Fletcher dust tanks

Hydraulic system

  • Maximum working pressure: 2800 psi
  • Tank capacity: 470 liters
  • Filtration: Four magnetic in-tank, two high pressure, hand-operated fill pmp iwth screened intake
  • Hose fittings: JIC and SAE
  • Dual Parker P350/315 Series pumps

Drive system

  • Four-wheel chain drive
  • Tractor-type steering
  • Turns within length
  • Tram sepeed: 0-2.4 km/h
  • Staffa B80 serieswith motion control valves
  • Brakes: Automatic spring set, hydraulic release disc
  • Tires: 14.5 x 15 foam-filled
  • Front lift

Safety system

  • L type TRS
  • Driller canopies
  • Tram deck canopy

Drilling system

  • Linear sumping booms
  • Apollo telescoping mast feed
  • Thrust:3.1 ton
  • Feed length: 1.29 m to 2.05 m depending on mast size
  • Torque: 0-400 Nm
  • Drill rotation speeds: 0-560 rpm
  • Feed rate: 0-11 m/min
  • Boom extend up to .55m
  • Minimum drillhead separation: 1.2 m
  • Maximum drillhead separation:6 m
  • Adjustable bolt torquing valve
  • Foot-type boom stabilizers
 Maximum straight line swing 5.5 m
 Overall length 7.7 m
 Overall width 3.2 m
 Overall chassis height 0.9 m
 Wheelbase 1.8 m
 Machine mass 19050 kg
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