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Batch haulage Joy Battery Haulers

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  • AC variable frequency drive (AC-VFD) control system uses an independent traction drive design to improve reliability
  • Automated ejector bed retract cycle allows operator to focus on tramming after an off-load
  • Optional battery change carousel saves time and space for battery change outs
  • Faster hydraulic functions allow for shorter discharge and retract time intervals
  • Regenerative braking for maintaining a safe speed on declines
  • On-demand four-wheel drive activated by pushbutton on operator’s joystick

Joy battery haulers are known for their extended battery life, improved maneuverability, and operational flexibility, making our machines the market leader for battery-powered underground haulage machines for room and pillar applications.

Our product line includes:

  • BH-10: 11.4 tonnes (12.5 tons) rated load capacity and ideal for low-seam applications
  • BH-18: 16.4 tonnes (18 tons) rated load capacity and ideal for mid-seam applications
  • BH-20: 18.2 tonnes (20 tons) rated load capacity and ideal for high-seam applications
  • BH-30: 27.2 tonnes (30 tons) rated load capacity and ideal for very high-seam applications

Battery change-out versatility

Our patented ground base battery lift-arm system results in a highly reliable battery change-out process that doesn’t compromise overall equipment availability. While batteries can be lifted from any surface, the lift arms can be easily fitted to existing support vehicles to create effective and efficient battery movers.

  • Each electrically driven carousel can carry three batteries
  • Carousels are easily contained within a single cross-cut, with no projection into the adjacent intersection
  • Operators can single-handedly change batteries without a jumper cable, saving significant time when compared to other change-out station layouts


The automated eject bed retract cycle allows the operator to focus on tramming after an off-load, saving significant time and increasing the number of trips possible during a shift.

  • Auto-load button starts the retract sequence
  • Pressure transducers continue the retract sequence, only pausing when hydraulic pressure is required for steering

High-efficiency hydraulics

  • Specially designed hydraulic system minimizes flow resistance, requiring less battery usage for the hydraulic pump motor
  • Faster hydraulic functions mean shorter discharge and retract time intervals as well as more responsive steering
  • Decreased load on the pump improves motor efficiency and reduces pump motor temperature

Overall increase of 10-12% in battery life compared to similar models in the marketplace.

Machine rated capacity11.4 tonnes
12.5 tons
16.4 tonnes
18 tons
18.2 tonnes
20 tons
27.2 tonnes
30 tons
Recommended tire size10.00×15 dual front
35x15x15 single rear
44 inch
50 in. 
18x25x40 ply
65 in.
Optimal seam height for operation1.3 m
61 in.
1.61 m
63 in.
1.8 m
71 in.
3.38 m
133 in.
Load end height0.36 m
14 in.
0.65 m
25.5 in.
0.85 m
33 in.
1.17 m
46 in.
Minimum seam height2,3 1.1 m
42 in.
1.45 m
57 in.
1.6 m
63 in.
2.9 m
114 in.
Minimum canopy height0.9 m
35.4 in.
1.26 m
49.5 in.
1.4 m
55 in.
2.72 m
107 in.
Motors (nominal using AC/VFD) 60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz
Pump motor 240V system (AC)37 kW
50 hp
37 kW
50 hp
37 kW
50 hp
37 kW
50 hp
Traction motor 240V system (AC)75 kW x 2 
100 hp x 2
75 kW x 2 
100 hp x 2
75 kW x 2 
100 hp x 2
75 kW x 4
100 hp x 4

1. Takes into account 200 mm of roof clearance, with canopy set to highest position.
2. Configuration to meet this height may impact operator compartment ergonomics.
3. Canopy set to lowest height. 

AC variable frequency drive (AC-VFD) control system

The AC-VFD uses an independent traction drive design to provide efficiency and operational performance.

  • The 240V battery, which doubles the available supply voltage, reduces current draw and associated thermal losses – ultimately extending the life of the battery and minimizes battery change-outs
  • Advanced diagnostics queries reduce the time required for troubleshooting and repair
  • Data acquisition and logging provide better information for a user-friendly, focused preventive maintenance program
  • AC-VFD works with AC traction motors to provide increased maximum torque to wheels, allowing machine to ascend steeper inclines under load. The increased torque combines with the vertical articulation and two-wheel hydraulic assist to make Joy battery haulers the most capable vehicle in its class
  • Electronically activated steering assist feature promotes smooth and easy steering and relieves undue stress on motors, drive train, and tire assemblies
  • Regenerative braking allows operators to maintain a safe speed on declines while reducing wear on brakes
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