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Blasthole drills P&H 250XPC

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  • Up to 40,823 kg (90,000 lbs.) of bit loading
  • Handles 200 to 311 mm (7 7/8 to 12 ¼ in.) hole diameters
  • Up to 59.4 m (195 ft.) maximum hole depth for a single pass mast
  • Diesel powered for maximum mobility
  • Powerful top-drive, rack-and-pinion pulldown
  • Superior propel and maximum-strength crawler frames
  • Rugged masts designed for high-cycle fatigue resistance
  • Excellent operator visibility through the use of full windows and video cameras
  • Productive operator environment, including operator error protection systems

The 250XPC rotary blasthole drill provides up to 40,823 kg (90,000 lbs.) of bit loading, specifically designed for 250 and 270 mm hole diameter applications. This drill is used in coal, copper, and diamond mines worldwide.

Working ranges

Hole diameter200 to 311 mm7 7/8 to 12 1/4 in. 
Single pass mast:
Standard hole depth
Maximum hole depth
19.8 m
59.4 m
65 ft.
195 ft.
Multi-pass mast:
Standard hole depth
Optional hole depth
73.1 m
85.3 m
240 ft.
280 ft.
Maximum bit loading40,823 kg90,000 lbs.


ConstructionLattice-type using alloy steel structural shapes
Single pass mast19.8 m  65 ft.
Multi-pass mast12.2 m40 ft.
Raising and lowering267 mm10.5 in.
Angle drillingUp to 30º in 5 degree increments (only available with multi-pass)

Hoist / pulldown

DesignDual hydrostatic / direct drive chainless rack and pinion
Bit loading (maximum)40,823 kg90,000 lbs.
Drill feed rate to:13.72 m/min.45 ft./min.
Hoist rate to:27.43 m/min.90 ft./min.

Overall dimensions

Width, overall7.83 m 25 ft. 8 in.
Height, mast up27.77 m91 ft. 2 in.
Height, mast down8.38 m27 ft. 5 in.
Length, mast up16.83 m55 ft. 3 in.
Length, mast down28.72 m94 ft. 3 in.
Overall width of crawlers5.52 m18 ft. 1 in.
Overall length of crawlers7.04 m23 ft. 1 in.
Width of jacks3.91 m12 ft. 10 in.
Length between jacks9.51 m31 ft. 2.5 in.
Height to top of operator cab4.81 m15 ft. 10 in.

Weights (approximate)

Operating weight (maximum) 142,882 kg315,000 lbs.
Shipping weight with mast124,738 kg275,000 lbs.
Ground-bearing pressure for track pads127 kPa18.4 psi
Ground-bearing pressure for jacks765 kPa111 psi

The electrical control system includes key operator protection systems, including:

  • Over-temperature shutdowns
  • Over-tilt protection
  • Pipe rack interlock protection
  • Pipe protection software
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