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V1800 EVO Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 20–35 t carrier weight range
  • 1,884 kg breaker operating weight
  • 140–220 l/min oil flow range
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V2500 EVO Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 27–40 t carrier weight range
  • 2,571 kg breaker operating weight
  • 175–250 l/min oil flow range
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V3500 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 35–60 t carrier weight range
  • 3,500 kg breaker operating weight
  • 250–320 l/min oil flow range
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V4500 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 35–50t carrier weight range
  • 4,668 kg breaker operating weight
  • 240–320 l/min oil flow range
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Montabert heavy breakers are designed for all types of carriers, from 20 to 80 tons. They are equipped with an automatic pressure regulator to ensure optimal operation regardless of variations in flow and/or temperature. Our heavy breakers can be equipped with a bronze or steel lower bushing in order to provide the best lifespan and efficiency for any type of material. They are also highly tolerant to back pressure. It isn’t easy to find a carrier on which Montabert heavy breakers cannot be mounted.

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